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Litmos allows you to use a Google login to sign into Litmos so there is no need to remember another username and password.

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How do I login to Litmos? We can help you find your Litmos login URL. If you have your password right and you can't login, you might ...

To login, go to the URL Then click the big green “LOGIN” button. Login Button. You will then be ...

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The first step is to open the Litmos Security and click Username. Type your company email address (example: . Click Password.

With the SAP Litmos Training mobile app for Android, you can easily search for your organization's learning content and access it anytime and anywhere.

Your login ID is (Your full email address) ... You will be presented with the Litmos dashboard; click on your Security Awareness ...

Litmos is an award winning learning management system & the most user-friendly ... leadership training, health and safety, cyber security, and many more.

Review of Litmos Software: system overview, features, price and cost ... connectors enable organizations to connect SAP Litmos to their ecosystem.

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Whether you are training employees, customers or channel partners, Litmos LMS ... help learning organizations achieve success, SAP Litmos is highly secure, ...

Screenshot of Litmos Training Center and Course Categories ... *The Basics of HIPAA Privacy & Security and HITECH, The purpose of this course is to provide ...

Litmos is a platform for online learning, also known as a learning management system or. LMS. How to get to Litmos? Use the following link to access Litmos: ...Learn more about online employee training from the SAP Litmos Training learning management system (LMS). Start your free trial or see a live demo today.

Online Learning Portal ... Download and install the SAP Litmos app. In the smart phone browser, go to and login.


In the smart phone browser, go to and login.

A Safe Workplace – OSHA and Right-to-Know Laws in the U.S.

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 Download and install the SAP Litmos app.

Anti-Money Laundering Awareness 1.0

In the hospitality industry, you’ll often face customers who may be frustrated or unhappy. How do you acknowledge these customers with empathy and assurance, while making it second nature in your daily routine?

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In the healthcare setting, regardless of your position and title, you have a role in compliance. This course explains common problems and the overall rules that govern healthcare reimbursement and should heighten your awareness of federal enforcement agencies that are working to identify and eliminate fraud and abuse.

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Subject Access Requests



This app needs touch ID and facial recognition to fill in the passwords to make everything a lot faster. Otherwise it’s not real helpful on the iPad.

Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Offers an API and 50+ connectors

Revenue Cycle Terminology 2019 (US)


Industry events can be an incredible channel for organizations--particularly when in a niche space. However, events tend to be expensive, time-consuming, a high-effort-low pay-off channel, and diifcult to track, has left some marketers hesitant in making the investment. If you can master modern events--and track ROI--you’ll be a step ahead of the game and will uncover new opportunities to directly drive revenue.

Mobile Application

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Environmental - Defining Recycling


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Annual Healthcare Compliance Refresher

Introduction to the Revenue Cycle 2019 (US)

If you’re responsible for training your entire organization, the complete Litmos course library is your one-stop-shop for everything from ongoing compliance training to personal development.




People who work within housing support services often work with customers, who, for a range of reasons, may be less able to protect themselves from neglect, harm or abuse. This course can help you with safeguarding for these customers.

Handling Conflicts in Low-Value Relationships

Benefits of Events that Drive ROI

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When the chemistry is right between a worker and his or her job, that worker is in a much better position to exceed, not just meet, the goals of his or her job description. Part of your role as a manager is to help your employees reach that place. There are various motivational tools that you, as a manager, can use to make your employees put their best efforts behind what they do. If you understand the ways in which people experience this kind of motivation, you will be much better prepared to provide your employees with a nurturing environment. In such an environment, the quality of work can increase drastically.

Knowledge Base


xAPI/Tin Can API

A New Way to Train Employees

Your Office in the World of Medicare 2019 (US)

This sets the app to our litmos site, and people can login thereafter by entering their password.


No matter how self-assured you are, most of us wonder if perhaps we couldn’t be just a bit more assertive in certain situations. This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become more assertive.

Nonprofit Organization Management

We all like to think we’d know how to react if we found someone in serious danger. But if it actually came down to it, would you actually know what actions to take? And in which order? Don’t worry. The Primary Survey is a first response to finding someone in a potentially life-threatening situation. And we’ll explain it to you in a straight-forward way. Give us sixty seconds, and afterwards, you’ll know what to do in a frightening situation.

Administration of a Collective Bargaining Agreement


This course will provide current information related to an effective compliance program for providers, health plans, their employees and contractors. Topics include - The purpose of an effective compliance program, The components of the compliance program related to - fraud and abuse, proper billing of services for Medicare and  Medicaid beneficiaries, patient privacy and Security-HIPAA and Occupational and Safety Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA, and the basics of major health care laws. Duration is 30 minutes. Release date is January 25, 2019.


Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Alcohol at Work

Effective coaching is about helping all people reach their full potential, in any area of their lives and for the manager as a coach, this means working with people to improve their performance at work. This course will help you to understand how to be an effective coach.

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Food & Beverages

Excel 2007 Advanced

Medicare Advantage Marketing Guidelines for Health Plans



You can get everything right during a sales pitch, but if the close isn’t on point, it’s all for nothing. You need to learn how to end on a ‘yes’. This course’ll help. The course is a quick overview of the necessity of closing sales well, plus an outline of some important closing types. It also runs through the pros and cons of each, and the necessity for a good ‘groundwork’ conversation for any closing technique to work. It’s more an overview than an in-depth investigation, and is useful for a refresh or to learn something quickly. 



Be a Retail Hero


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CBT and Mental Health – Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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